Mr. Jackson

Do you think selling your house is accessible in the current market scene? There is a sharp decline in sales in the current market, falling prices. In this scenario, it is pretty challenging to sell your house, and that too at a reasonable price. Most sellers who will sell their homes dream of a hassle-free sale in which they list their house, fast forward to finding a qualified buyer, collect the cash, and hand over the keys. But the question is, is it that simple? No, it’s not! But let us guide you through the entire process of how you can get your homes for sale and that too at an acceptable rate. 

1. The first step you must follow is to price your property correctly. This is the most necessary step because if your property is not priced properly, you cannot attract more buyers; instead, it can be proved harmful for the venture you are undertaking. 

2. Second, you need to act smart. Hire an agent who has good knowledge about the market. Real estate agents are certified service providers to people who will buy or sell lands. There are plenty of options across the internet; therefore, it’s quite simple to delve into real estate agents who have a valuable sales record and have been in the industry for many years. By choosing an experienced real estate agent, you can save a lot of time because he is the person who will help you with all the negotiations and the vast paperwork associated with it. 

3. Third, a point never to be underestimated is the role and power of social media. Social media programs like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube are extremely beneficial as long as advertisements are concerned. Advertise your plot on social media and connect with people. This is a powerful weapon in the current generation market. The best part is that your advertisement is visible to buyers 24×7, and they can reach you through phone or SMS. 

4. You should be careful enough while selling your house because paperwork is an integral part of the buying and selling process. You should keep all the paperwork handy to ensure that the deals are closing faster. Purchases, tax receipts, and other papers, including a letter of allotment, or previous sale deeds, should be kept safe before agreeing on payment methods.

What are the Documents Needed to Sell an Immovable Property? 

Agreement to sell–The very first document for getting homes for sale that you must keep handy is an agreement to sell your property, without which you cannot sell your property to any buyer. 

Sale Deed–It is the next step of selling the property. It transfers the property ownership to the buyer who is purchasing the house. Before moving to the next step, you must get a signature from the sub registrar’s office under whose jurisdiction the property shall fall. 

Property Tax Receipts: If the buyer is not interested in buying a new property and instead wants to buy an old property, he must verify that the owner had paid property tax at regular intervals and that no tax is left to pay. You must wonder why this point is so important. Let us tell you why. Suppose you bought a property from a seller, but you were unaware of the fact that he/she had not paid property tax for a considerable number of months. In that case, it will be your liability to pay all the due property taxes by default because you are the house’s new owner. Therefore, as a property seller, it is your duty to present all the property tax receipts to the buyer so that there is no doubt. 

Bank Statement–If there is any loan taken from a bank on the property you are trying to sell, take a bank statement to clear-cut disclosure in front of the buyer. 

 5. Last, after following all the steps, you get multiple bids. However, it is advised that you must keep the market prices in your mind and act accordingly. When you receive an offer from the buyer, you can make a counteroffer and negotiate the prices before setting the final costs.