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Dream City

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Spaces that Redefine Living – Luxurious and Timeless

Dream City, Chhattisgarh’s one-and-only ultimate luxury real estate developer, with unsurpassed competence in luxury coupled with an extraordinary knack for comprehending architectural building in the current day. Our master-planned residential portfolio (Plots for 3 BHK, 4 BHK luxury apartments) and commercial assets (retail stores, showrooms, and office spaces) have established beautiful new benchmarks in the sphere of ultra-modern living.

Dream City has created beautiful living places for people and communities that combine modern needs with global beauty. They deftly blur the lines between pristine opulence and cutting-edge utility.

Our Vision

To ensure that the necessity and the dream collide on the opulent road of real estate competence that underpins the cornerstone of futuristic incursion that invites an unrivalled living status.

Our Mission

To create exciting living places in real estate locations with the most prestigious architects and interior design experts. Precision engineering and absolute luxury create an ultimate signature statement of beautiful living that celebrates life and style.

Our Values

Merging artistic comfort with opulent sophistication to create a new wave of happy living.

Why choose us?

Dream City creates structures that are both extremely habitable and spectacularly gorgeous by combining beauty and function. Our modern architectural treasure, complete with contemporary residential properties, revitalizes downtown areas and creates community interactions. We have carved out an exceptional name (as one of the best builders in Kurud, Dhamtari, Chhattisgarh) for ourselves by offering a selection of buildings that prioritize their location and unique character.

  • We specialize in embracing change to foster the creativity and ingenuity required to introduce better products and services.
  • We endeavour to add value and excite our customers because we appreciate choosing us. We move quickly, are goal-oriented, and strive to be operationally competitive.
  • We can take responsibility for our acts and the consequences of those actions. Our team members are the pillar of brilliance with years of experience in developing high-value real estate properties.

1) LAUNCHING DATE = 15-03- 2019
2) REGISTERED DATE = 05-06-2014
3) LICENCE DATE = 07-02-2017
4) APPRUOL DATE = 08-01-2018
5) FARM PAN NUMBER = AAYFM7584K (sai developers & builders)


1) ashok asrani
2) mohan sukhramani
3) dinesh asrani
4) ritesh bajaj
5) ashish sadija


* water supply
* cc road
* rcc coverd nali
* land scaping garden
* under groud electrification
* kids play area
* complete boundry wall
* street light
* main gate with guardroom


Dream City Kurud

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